Amazing Progress

Thanks for all the kind birthday wishes. I had a great day yesterday. My sister sacrificed a study day and spent the whole day with me which was an amazing birthday gift. The boys and Rick brought me a delicious birthday cake and we had a great mini celebration. Tomorrow my mom, sister, brother in law, husband and boys are all coming down and we are going to do a celebration for both my sister and my birthdays (her birthday is within the week). It should be a very fun day!

Today baby girl had her best scan yet! The cord flow is within normal levels for her age! Her fluid is staying steady as well!

A week ago there was absent flow and today it’s within normal range–that is awesome. And I’m just praising God for just how far she has come.

Also, my amazing nursing team put me in the lucky room where many women have spent a long stay cooking babies. It is another pick me up and a boost to my spirit!

And an update from yesterday she did a great on her BPP 6/8. Her fluid was steady. They did have to search for the pockets of fluid but they are there and that is all that matters.

The great cord flow study today.
A great BPP yesterday.
Great friends who are supportive and caring even when many miles separate us.
A good night’s sleep last night.

A great BPP tomorrow (biophysical profile)
Strength and wisdom for my husband as he juggles his full time job, and covers mine.
Continued great cord flow and growth for our baby girl.

Thanks for reading!


It’s My Birthday!

No news yet today. But it’s my birthday! So my family is visiting today then again Saturday when my sister and I will celebrate I can’t wait!

Praying for even better fluid levelsvtoday and a great biophysical profile. She can do it!

More Good News

I just talked to the doctor he is pleased with the results from today. We just need to keep moving in this direction. Every day increases her chances at a normal life. I pray that the great news keeps rolling in and after the steroids wear off the diastolic flow continues to improve. I want her to just show all the nay say-ers.

For now rest is the best gift I can give her. So I rest.

Quick Update

Hopefully I’ll add more later but today’s cord flow study went wonderfully. Diastolic flow present 100% of the time and the flow quality was upgraded from poor to middle grade. Which is a huge change from absent diastolic flow on Friday and 80% on Monday. Plus fluid is holding steady and she is squirming and kicking all over.

I believe all of this positive news is a testament to the power of prayer. Please keep praying for us! Mostly for great movement, the diastolic flow to stay at 100% and the cord flow quality to improve even more so she can put on some weight! She needs to show good growth too but that is still two weeks away so I guess prayers in advance.

Final steroid shot at any minute!

The post test update

Great news: fluid is up a little from yesterday! She passed her biophysical profile with a 6/8 breathing was absent but that is rare for a little one. The ultrasound tech did a truly accidental peak at the cord flow and there was some positive flow for the 2 seconds I saw it.

So basically it was a great day. Especially since my sister and my mom were here. My sister brought me a delicious homemade salad (yay for a break from hospital food). She also entertained me and made my day fly by. I’m so lucky to have an awesome sister.

The only downside of my day was the steroid shot in my butt ouch!! And I get another tomorrow. Not looking forward to that but I of course will do anything to help this little girl. But I pray she shows us all and keeps cooking for a long time!

Your prayers are working! Please keep praying for us!


Anxiety, the unknown, being forced to acknowledge that you have literally zero control over a situation, fear of the future outcome blah blah blah. These are all things I’ve been struggling with on a daily basis. But this morning it is anticipation. That knot in your throat, clammy hands, butterflies in your stomach, not knowing what is going to happen. 

My thoughts are racing almost as fast as my faith is fading and these mornings I wonder how I’m going to make it. 

“Now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see.” Hebrews 11:1

 I feel like this is what God has called me to right now. To simply be sure of what I hope for and certain of what I have yet to see. It’s pretty much straight up faith. I do believe that God can perform miracles today in the modern world. At this moment I have no idea how my miracle is going to unfold but I will choose to be certain that God has ordained these events. He is in control and He will be glorified in my body. Even if at this moment my heart and resolve are frail his love is constant and that is all we need.  

My bpp and flow study will be even better today!
My amniotic fluid will go up. 
No need for steroid shots today (or any time soon).
That there will be even more diastolic flow to the baby. 
She will grow grow grow!
My sister will have a safe trip from Philadelphia. 

A great study yesterday. 
My sister is visiting!!!
My husband visited twice yesterday and I got to see my boys!
A great night of restful sleep!

Great News!

Update: Baby girl did wonderfully today! She got an 8/8 on her bpp. We even saw her practice breathing which I am told is incredibly rare in a 24 week old baby. And diastolic flow was present 80% of the time! She is also moving a ton. So prayers are working! Please keep praying for our little girl!