The Countdown Has Begun

Well my fears have been realized and I’ve been put on hospital bed rest. The other time this happened my own health was rapidly deteriorating. This time I am here to monitor the baby who is stable but who could deteriorate at any moment. I am 24 weeks 4 days today.

To say it is stressful is an understatement. There are days when my stomach is in knots from when I wake up until when I go to sleep. Too often my mind breaks free from the control I endeavor to place upon it. I have found that the thief of joy is most often the question what if? So I spend my energy replacing what if with, He is faithful and one second at a time.

I am being closely monitored and every day is an ultrasound and the opportunity for bad (or good) news.

A good night sleep.
A great iv stick this morning.
Baby girl is moving like a crazy.

For a great biophysical profile today.
That the diastolic flow will become positive ( this would be a miracle – but I believe they still happen don’t you?)
That things will improve or stay steady with the baby so I can stay pregnant for as long as possible.


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