The post test update

Great news: fluid is up a little from yesterday! She passed her biophysical profile with a 6/8 breathing was absent but that is rare for a little one. The ultrasound tech did a truly accidental peak at the cord flow and there was some positive flow for the 2 seconds I saw it.

So basically it was a great day. Especially since my sister and my mom were here. My sister brought me a delicious homemade salad (yay for a break from hospital food). She also entertained me and made my day fly by. I’m so lucky to have an awesome sister.

The only downside of my day was the steroid shot in my butt ouch!! And I get another tomorrow. Not looking forward to that but I of course will do anything to help this little girl. But I pray she shows us all and keeps cooking for a long time!

Your prayers are working! Please keep praying for us!


3 thoughts on “The post test update

  1. Hey, Mali. What a bummer that facebook is blocked. If you need some company, my hubby could keep the kids some weekend for me to come down. I’ll bring whatever food you feel like (and are allowed to eat) eating!

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