More Good News

I just talked to the doctor he is pleased with the results from today. We just need to keep moving in this direction. Every day increases her chances at a normal life. I pray that the great news keeps rolling in and after the steroids wear off the diastolic flow continues to improve. I want her to just show all the nay say-ers.

For now rest is the best gift I can give her. So I rest.

6 thoughts on “More Good News

  1. She will show them, Mali. She’s your kid, the little sister of two fan-freaking-tabulous brothers. She’s destined to be awesome. She can’t help it.

    Rest up, Friend.

  2. Awesome news! Nay-sayers, pshaw! They can shove it, you’re doing everything right, baby girl has the best mom ever. Keep resting, we’re thinking about you all the time!

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