8 Days Old Already!

And holding her own. She is on CPAP on room air. She is having some normal issues for her size and age but doing really well so far. Your prayers are appreciated as she works through her challenges.

I am having my good days and bad ones. It is a challenge having our family separated by so many miles. Today is the first day I am unable to visit her but last night I was able to hold her for 2 hours in a row so it makes today a bit more tolerable. Luckily daddy is going to visit to make up for mommy’s absence.

Some days feel like a crazy marathon but day by day we are learning to trust and rely on Jesus a little more. Luckily god can care for her even better than I can so I choose to place her in his hands every day.

Thanks for your prayers we can use them!


Piper’s Continuing Journey

First of all, Piper is amazing! She is breathing room air. She never went on oxygen at all. The day she was born she was on CPAP but the next day she kept pulling it out so trialed off CPAP and hasn’t needed it since. No medications, tolerating feeds well, brain scans all normal so far and doing so beautifully despite her small size. She is under the lights to bring down her bilirubin levels. But that is so small. She amazes me.

If I had to describe her personality it would be feisty. She knows what she wants and how she wants it done. But she is sweet too with tons of smiles and grabs for fingers whenever she can.

We have so much to be grateful for! We are praying she continues this upward trend and grows and matures with no significant setbacks.


Welcome to the world Piper Lee 1 lb 8 oz. Born on her daddy’s birthday.

Keep us in your prayers. She is doing well on CPAP, her lung x-rays look good. Pray for stabilized blood pressures and blood sugar. And that there will be no damage to her brain. We have a brain scan tomorrow so pray for no brain bleeds.

She is beautiful! Thanks for all your prayers!

Sometimes I’m Glad I Don’t Know

Today has been a big day. Baby girl did beautifully on her growth u/s growth 11/13 days and her flow is still absent but her fluid is up and 8/8 on the BPP.
After my doctor met with his partner and another perinatologist from another city this afternoon to discuss whether to continue the pregnancy or not, they decided to keep me pregnant. The plan is to continue to look at BPP’s. So we keep waiting and praying she grows and matures as long as possible.
He told me that when there was growth restriction and absence at 23 weeks he has never seen someone make it to 28 weeks without reversal. I’m glad I didn’t know that then but it is amazing that here I am at 28 weeks tomorrow and still chugging away.

Tonight baby stays on the monitor all night so it will be a long night. And I’m in labor and delivery blah 🙂

A Setback Of Sorts

Well today we have completely absent flow. She did get an 8/8 on her BPP and fluid is steady which are both great and we get one more day. And every day is a miracle. She is moving like a champion and sucking her fingers which reminds me of her big brother.

We are so so close to 28 weeks that I really hope we get there (and beyond) but every time the diastolic flow disappears it makes me sad and anxious.

Oh and because so many have asked, baby girl (or if big brother is talking about her baby sister) is nameless at the moment. We won’t name her until we see her but she is definitely a girl (confirmed over the weekend).

Monday Monday Monday

Well she is holding steady. No real news to report. BPP was 8/8 fluid was a little low diastolic flow was 50% present and she is moving like a mad woman.

Even the doctors are commenting on the ride I’ve been on. There were several weeks when they thought I was trending downward only to have her rally dramatically. No one thought she would hang on as long as she has. I think it is prayer so thank you all.

-Great daily scans this week
-A fantastic growth scan
-That my kids would have a great week and learn tons of new things.
-27 weeks!
-Great scans
-I have not lost all my marbles
-Fun visits and phone calls with friends
-Great baby girl movement.


Late Update

Late update today. I hit the bed rest wall today and I was feeling really down. But then my boys brought me lunch and gave me tons of kisses, I am convinced there is no better pick me up. Then my brother in law visited to watch the game. It was wonderful to have someone to talk to for an extended period of time. Sorry for talking your ear off Matt. Your visit really boosted my spirits and I thank you.

Also thanks to those who took my challenge. It made my heart smile to hear what you did to show your loved ones how much they mean to you.

Update on the baby (you get a gold star if you made it this far). She had a beautiful day. Her diastolic flow was the best I have seen it in awhile. There was just a little absence but the diastolic flow measured really strong and she got an 8/8 on her BPP. The cutest part was she had hiccups and we could see her diaphragm jump quite dynamically in her abdomen. It was so amazing. That realization that she is so complete and complex even though she is so small. I feel priviledged that I got to observe something that is simultaneously mundane and awe inspiring before she was even born.

So thank you to everyone, including but not limited to my readers and those who are keeping us in your prayers, who made my day so wonderful!