One Day At A Time


And you can insert any number of platitudes, inspirational quotes, or words of wisdom here and it still sucks.

Truthfully I’m thankful she is still trucking because each day is a victory right now. And it is true that I should be thankful there is another test to worry about tomorrow. And I am, but this sucks.

The ups and downs are honestly nauseating at this point.

If I look to the future, I have no idea where the strength for the next second is coming much less the days weeks and months ahead. But I have to I have faith the strength will be there when I need it. Elisabeth Elliot used to remind me daily on her radio program, “You are loved with an everlasting love and underneath are his everlasting arms.” And i need that truth to settle in my heart right now. So here I am as always, just acutely aware today, waiting, trusting and moving forward to see what his plans will be.

Ultrasound update: 60 percent flow 40 percent absent. Fluid lower.


2 thoughts on “One Day At A Time

  1. Know there are lots of shoulders for you to lean on and share their strength with you. Thoughts and prayers still coming your way.

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