Holding Pattern

You know that moment at the end of a long flight when the air is stale in the cabin, your leg is cramping and you have read the same paragraph of your book for the last half hour. You look out the window, only to see the airport passing beneath you once again. Then all of a sudden the captain comes over the PA system and a tiny kernel of hope rises in your heart and you hear, “Ladies and gentlemen the control tower has put us in a holding pattern.” And your hopes are dashed, the entire plane lets out a sigh of frustration and you half listen to info on connecting flights as you long to be earthbound again.

That is how I feel right now, in a holding pattern. There are days when there is good news only to be followed by bad news. So it is hard to get my bearings and know that it will all be good in the end. So I mostly feel constantly on edge looking for signs that we will be able to continue the pregnancy but ever conscious that it is one day at a time.

Today’s update: BPP 8/8 yay! She did her cute little breathing for 30 seconds! Go baby! Flow is still absent. I will have another scan tomorrow so pray that the cord flow is present. The goal is 27 weeks and beyond 🙂


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