Saturday Morning Update

She looked great today! No absence and some diastolic flow. 8/8 on her BPP.

This is great news for a few reasons. The first being one more day of development for baby girl. The second being that my incredibly awesome brother in law gets to enjoy at least one day of the weekend not ambushed by my boys who think of him as the best toy on the planet.

I thought I would give out a Saturday challenge because I’m feeling kind of down in the dumps today. My challenge to you is to do something concrete and tangible to show someone that you see today how much you love and appreciate them. Whether it’s a note, their favorite dinner, doing their least favorite chore so they don’t have to. Be creative! And have fun with it!


3 thoughts on “Saturday Morning Update

  1. Hugs sweetie. I am sewing fom’s today, so that is part of my love.
    I am so happy to hear she is doing so well. I know it must be hard for you, I was on strict bed rest, and yo can go a little stir crazy!
    Hugs and lots of them,
    Sarah (moosmum)

  2. Yea for good news!
    As for your challenge- we’re going to make smores! (Does it count that we already planned it?) It’s too windy out for a campfire so they will be microwaved today but the girls will be thrilled 🙂

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