A Setback Of Sorts

Well today we have completely absent flow. She did get an 8/8 on her BPP and fluid is steady which are both great and we get one more day. And every day is a miracle. She is moving like a champion and sucking her fingers which reminds me of her big brother.

We are so so close to 28 weeks that I really hope we get there (and beyond) but every time the diastolic flow disappears it makes me sad and anxious.

Oh and because so many have asked, baby girl (or if big brother is talking about her baby sister) is nameless at the moment. We won’t name her until we see her but she is definitely a girl (confirmed over the weekend).


4 thoughts on “A Setback Of Sorts

  1. I got your facebook message but wasn’t sure if the firewall had gone back up. Yes, Elias seems to have red hair. He has brown eyes as well which makes him the mold-breaker as far as the kids go. Dad is doing fairly well – still working, still getting treatments. We’re thankful to still have him.

  2. 28 weeks is so close! She’ll rock it back out tomorrow, I’m sure of it. You are both in my prayers, Friend. God is good. All the time. He’s got Plans for your little girl. Big ones.

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