Sometimes I’m Glad I Don’t Know

Today has been a big day. Baby girl did beautifully on her growth u/s growth 11/13 days and her flow is still absent but her fluid is up and 8/8 on the BPP.
After my doctor met with his partner and another perinatologist from another city this afternoon to discuss whether to continue the pregnancy or not, they decided to keep me pregnant. The plan is to continue to look at BPP’s. So we keep waiting and praying she grows and matures as long as possible.
He told me that when there was growth restriction and absence at 23 weeks he has never seen someone make it to 28 weeks without reversal. I’m glad I didn’t know that then but it is amazing that here I am at 28 weeks tomorrow and still chugging away.

Tonight baby stays on the monitor all night so it will be a long night. And I’m in labor and delivery blah 🙂


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