Long Time No Post

Oops I’m sorry about that. But in a way it is good. She is doing well. Two pounds ten ounces at last check. Still some random bradys and oxygen desaturations. But she has moved into the feeding and growing stage of the NICU which is a very trying part for us mommies. It seems like this time just drags while we fear that something serious will happen yet simultaneously hoping that our babies will be home soon.

On the home front, Christmas is a huge deal to a certain three year old of mine. He is so excited about the lights and the trees. He cannot wait to make a birthday cake for Jesus, which he is insisting on baking because birthday cake is the best part of any birthday.

I keep hoping that we will all be under all roof soon and that my baby girl will keep improving and growing with each passing day.



I love these boring days. She is doing well and holding steady. Only 2 bradys in 24 hours both self recovered and quick. We are praying she continues this steady progress and that she comes home soon. I’m looking forward to major snuggle time!

Growing growing growing

Well Piper is stable and finishing up her antibiotics this week. She has made two very big steps that make me feel like she is growing so quickly. First of all she is two pounds. One of the neonatologists was taking a look at her the other day and said she looks so big and I agreed which is kind of funny because most two lb babies don’t get that comment. I always said that she doesn’t realize that she is tiny so I like to think that she is happy that we are all agreeing that she is a big girl.

The second big change is that she is wearing clothes. Which looks weird to me since she has spent her whole life in a diaper thus far. While she is still in the incubator, she is no longer using the heat from the incubator which is the first step in regulating her body temperature.

Feeds are increasing daily and she is tolerating them well. She is also off all respiratory support and we pray she can keep up all the great work she has done in that area.

So all in all she is making great progress moving away from being a critical patient and towards the grower/feeder status.

On the home front Super S has taken up squirrel watching as a hobby. He told me that the squirrel was very hungry today and he was eating leaves but then we watched a bit longer and observed that he is making a nest in the cedar tree at the back of our yard. This is all very exciting for a three year old.

Both of the boys are not fans of the rainy weather and want to go outside and play.

Other than that, we are gearing up for Thanksgving. We have much to be thankful for this year so we are all excited to spend time with our family.

A Day In The Life

I thought it would be fun to share a bit of what our life is like while Piper is in the hospital. Life as the mom to my two boys is never dull. Even grocery shopping can be entertaining.

Are you familiar with the carts with the cars on the front of them. They are unwieldy and pre-toddler motherhood I couldn’t help but give a sympathetic smile at moms who had gotten suckered into using them as I hurried past them in the store. Now I am that mother.

I had gotten to the store and gotten the cart wiped down with the antiseptic wipes, the boys loaded happily and my shopping was going well. I looked up to check on them and they were both sitting nicely, faces forward, turning the steering wheels and beeping away happily. I thought they are being really good today. How refreshing to have a nice shopping trip. I payed and went to pull I-man (my almost two year old) out of the cart when I realized that he had shimmied his pants and diaper down to his ankles and I had been pushing him happily through the store with his wiener bared for all to see. The mortification set in instantly. How many people had observed this scene as I naively completed my shopping? When we got to the car I asked Super S (my three year old) why he didn’t tell me that I-man had pulled his pants down. To which he in all earnestness replied, “Don’t worry about it Mom, he was coolin off.”

Truthfully, I couldn’t help it I laughed. And I have laughed numerous times since when I think about it. I am so blessed to have two wonderful, humorous little boys who make life so colorful as I walk through these days with Miss P. I am so happy that this is my life!

To keep you all updated on my beautiful little girl. It is a day of celebration. She is two pounds and looking so big, strange to think two pound baby can look big but she does. She is off CPAP and tolerating her feeds very well. Road mapping her future, she needs to be able to not have any more bradycardias or desaturations, maintain her own body temperature, and take all of her feeds by herself (which requires that she develop the suck, swallow breathe reflex) and then she can go home! Providing that nothing else comes up. We still have a long way to go but we have come so far. I am very proud of her!

Thanks again for all of your thoughts and prayers!

Busy busy busy

Miss P seems to have bounced back from the infection nicely. We should get the final results from her spinal tap tomorrow. So far so good. She is 1lb 13oz and pretty much the same otherwise. I’m so thankful she is doing well. And we are so thankful for your prayers.


She is back on CPAP and seems to be on the mend. She Is tolerating feeds well but needs to start gaining weight. Also pray that she is able to keep her ivs longer and that they go in easily. Other than that she is improving so that is a huge answer to prayer.

I am having a rough time right now. The NICU is very emotionally draining for me and I have been running on empty for awhile now. I want to stay strong and have the ability to give her support and love but I’m finding that I have to fight every second to be able to do that. So any prayers for strength for me would be appreciated.

Thanks for all your thoughts and prayers!