Very Bad Day and Night

I wish I had good news but right now there is literally no good news. She has been intubated, antibiotics have been started and tons of blood taken. The chances for brain damage are going up a lot. She will probably need a blood transfusion in the next few days. And at this point there is no reason for her sudden downward spiral so there is no way to know if it can be corrected. She is infinitely worse now than when she was born.


17 thoughts on “Very Bad Day and Night

  1. Mali, I am so sorry to hear about these setbacks. Will be praying for her and you and everyone in your family. If it’s okay with you I will add her name to the prayer chain at my church, too. May you feel peace and strength at this time…

  2. We are praying for Piper and for you and Ricky. I know the boys miss you and you miss them. Praying you all will have the strength to get through this trying time. Praying the doctors will have the knowledge to help Piper in all the ways she needs to be. Love all of you very much.

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