Growing growing growing

Well Piper is stable and finishing up her antibiotics this week. She has made two very big steps that make me feel like she is growing so quickly. First of all she is two pounds. One of the neonatologists was taking a look at her the other day and said she looks so big and I agreed which is kind of funny because most two lb babies don’t get that comment. I always said that she doesn’t realize that she is tiny so I like to think that she is happy that we are all agreeing that she is a big girl.

The second big change is that she is wearing clothes. Which looks weird to me since she has spent her whole life in a diaper thus far. While she is still in the incubator, she is no longer using the heat from the incubator which is the first step in regulating her body temperature.

Feeds are increasing daily and she is tolerating them well. She is also off all respiratory support and we pray she can keep up all the great work she has done in that area.

So all in all she is making great progress moving away from being a critical patient and towards the grower/feeder status.

On the home front Super S has taken up squirrel watching as a hobby. He told me that the squirrel was very hungry today and he was eating leaves but then we watched a bit longer and observed that he is making a nest in the cedar tree at the back of our yard. This is all very exciting for a three year old.

Both of the boys are not fans of the rainy weather and want to go outside and play.

Other than that, we are gearing up for Thanksgving. We have much to be thankful for this year so we are all excited to spend time with our family.


5 thoughts on “Growing growing growing

  1. Goooooooooooooooooooooo Piper! 🙂 Such a big girl, wearing clothes!!
    I love yesterday’s update about the boys, I literally LOL’s at my desk!

  2. So glad to hear Miss P is improving each day. Praying she continues to do so. We love all of you and pray for all of you. Give the boys and Miss P a kiss for us.

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