Long Time No Post

Oops I’m sorry about that. But in a way it is good. She is doing well. Two pounds ten ounces at last check. Still some random bradys and oxygen desaturations. But she has moved into the feeding and growing stage of the NICU which is a very trying part for us mommies. It seems like this time just drags while we fear that something serious will happen yet simultaneously hoping that our babies will be home soon.

On the home front, Christmas is a huge deal to a certain three year old of mine. He is so excited about the lights and the trees. He cannot wait to make a birthday cake for Jesus, which he is insisting on baking because birthday cake is the best part of any birthday.

I keep hoping that we will all be under all roof soon and that my baby girl will keep improving and growing with each passing day.


5 thoughts on “Long Time No Post

  1. Great news Mali! Still praying and hoping you are all together very soon.
    And of course birthday cake is the best part! We always baked a cake for Jesus when we were little.
    Enjoy those babies! Thanks for the update!

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