That is the word that describes my heart right now. I love this little girl so much and I feel so blessed to have her in my life. She is sweet and spunky and smart as a whip. Whenever I look at her it feels like I feel the entire journey I took to get her just manifests in my arms and my heart is just full to the brim.

It is a little tricky to try to balance all three kids with grace and poise. I’m still working on that. I have a feeling it may be a life long project. I am still working to create that new routine, the one that incorporates a newborn’s non-schedule with two toddler’s needs of a rigid schedule. She is in quarantine right now so I have to limit who can see her, we cannot go out at all and everyone is probably beyond annoyed at my reminders to wash hands and use the hand sanitizer. I know all this stuff will work itself out. I’m trying to focus on the important things, these moments that we will never get back. The every day simple interactions that I have the opportunity to create memories for my children for the rest of their lives. And every second that I get to hold my sweet little girl in my arms and just marvel at her every detail. These are the important things.

That is where I am this Wednesday night. I can’t wait to see what tomorrow holds!


Fun Crazy Times

I feel like now the fun begins! The boys love their sister and Super S (our three year old) is always saying, she is home. She is so cute. I-man wants to give her kisses all of the time.

She had her first doctor’s visit yesterday and she is doing beautifully. Three pounds eight ounces fifteen inches long.

As far as her personality, she loves to be held and to snuggle. She also makes these adorable little noises all day long and I like to think she is just letting us know she is happy to be home.

So for now, I am trying not to look into the long road ahead of doctors appointments, developmental checks and the like and I am just going to enjoy her, every snuggle, every coo, every smile. It has been a long road to get to where we are and the best is yet to come!

Miss P is doing so well. She found a way to get extra love and snuggles by not taking a bottle. So I am here for the duration and I have to admit it is a special time in spite of the monitors and assessments. We are in a private room for the time being and when you close the curtain and take a breath it is amazing how far we have come. We have both learned so much in the past two months and now we can take a minute and forget all that is around us and just be a mommy and baby. I am also thankful for the mom’s room that allows me to rest in between feedings and snuggles.

So what is keeping us here? Not much!!!! She needs to feed well and continue gaining weight. She needs a hearing test, she needs to pass her car seat test and they are keeping an eye on some insignificant bradys. But the hope is that we will be released soon!

Oh and she really is the most adorable little three lbs seven ozs ever.

Also a big thanks to my sister who came home to accomplish major painting and watching the boys and my husband who is on childcare again. Also happy birthday to my mom who gave up a fun birthday to help me out. My family is amazing.

Weekend happenings

It was a fantastic weekend. I-man turned two years old and a certain little girl is 3 lbs 1 oz which means she has doubled her birth weight! She looks so big! She is nursing quite beautifully which is a big answer to prayer. She still needs to learn to eat from a bottle and she is having one Brady per day so that needs to stop. Basically Miss P just needs to keep making steady progress and not have any setbacks. We are still hoping and praying she will be home by Christmas.

Other than that life is insanely busy and we are trying to complete as much as we can before our sweet baby girl can come home. Even the boys are pitching in to help! Can you tell I’m anxious for her to come home?