Miss P is doing so well. She found a way to get extra love and snuggles by not taking a bottle. So I am here for the duration and I have to admit it is a special time in spite of the monitors and assessments. We are in a private room for the time being and when you close the curtain and take a breath it is amazing how far we have come. We have both learned so much in the past two months and now we can take a minute and forget all that is around us and just be a mommy and baby. I am also thankful for the mom’s room that allows me to rest in between feedings and snuggles.

So what is keeping us here? Not much!!!! She needs to feed well and continue gaining weight. She needs a hearing test, she needs to pass her car seat test and they are keeping an eye on some insignificant bradys. But the hope is that we will be released soon!

Oh and she really is the most adorable little three lbs seven ozs ever.

Also a big thanks to my sister who came home to accomplish major painting and watching the boys and my husband who is on childcare again. Also happy birthday to my mom who gave up a fun birthday to help me out. My family is amazing.


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