Super S and Miss P

I thought I would share my favorite picture today because they say a picture is worth a thousand words. I thought it would be fun to paint the scene surrounding this shot.

Miss P had just gotten a bath. A deep clean was needed after a particularly messy diaper situation. Super S was hovering as he is apt to do. He likes to get me clean clothes, diapers and then he talks to her as we perform the normal taking care of baby chores. And it is so sweet because Miss P turns her head to put her cheek on his whenever she can, to which he exclaims, “She is so cute, Mommy.” It was during this domestic scene that I made my husband snap this shot.

Where is Super-I? Playing in the potty. I had to rescue three matchbox cars and a Mr. Potato head mouth  after I had changed her but that is another story for another blog post. 

It is also a big blogging step because for the first time on my blog, outside of the womb….Miss P. 


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