The Sibling Relationship

It is official I have two very sweet little boys who love their sister very much. It is fun to see them develop their own personal little routines with the baby and each other.

I man gets the biggest smile whenever he sees her and then he finds her feet and gives them no fewer than ten kisses apiece. He says, ” my sister my sister my sister.” And he loves to snuggle up with her and I in the rocking chair to rock and cuddle. It is such a precious time.

Super S likes to hold Miss P and tell her all about his day. For example, the books he read, his favorite TV shows, what he had for dinner, how cute she is it goes on and on. And if I am doing something with I-man he tells me you have two boys Mom. Two boys. Reminding me in his oh so subtle way that he would like to be included as well. So yes, we often have all four of us piled in the rocking chair rocking and snuggling.

It is the continuing challenge of mothering three little ones to find one on one time with each child and time where there are no children and I can be alone with my thoughts. I had my first solo trip with Isaac to the grocery store and he loved it. He talked with everyone who would give him the time of day. Big smiles and hi’s and bye’s. And he loved putting everything into the cart. I hope to find more mini date times with him because he is a fun date.

This weekend. More organizing and planning. It’s a three day weekend so hopefully we can get a little family fun involved as well. That’s our week in review.


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