Spring Time

I know that it is not officially spring yet. But in my part of the world spring is here and with that a bunch of gardening projects that I rope my entire family into!

This year we have decided to turn part of our front yard into a front yard garden. We ripped out some truly ugly bushes as a kick start. Then my lovely and talented husband created a raised bed complete with solar lights to fill in the space. The result is quite lovely.



And After

You can play I spy with the far right bed. Do you see it. Super S loves to turn the bed into his own personal digging space and worm discovery zone.

We have also revamped some of the back but more on that when I get the chance to edit some photos.

And I have finally figured out how to post pictures easily so watch out blogging world here I come 🙂



A lot is happening here in our neck of the woods. Spring has officially arrived and with it a ton of gardening activities I will write a separate post on that when I figure out my picture situation.

Miss P is plodding along. She is still gaining about a half an ounce a day and she really should be creeping towards an ounce a day. We have an appointment with her cardiologist coming up and I have a lot of trepidation about it. I want the best for Miss P but I hope she won’t need surgery to get the best. So prayers that the PDA repairs itself would be much appreciated.

Super S asked me again today if it is summer because it is so warm outside. He loves heading out to the garden to dig up worms and make worm nests out of his findings. I man gets the heebie jeebies whenever he seeings the wiggling bodies. He even stares up his sleeves to make sure no worms have made it up there when he wasn’t looking. It is pretty comical to see the stark contrast in behavior between the two.

I have been sneaking away for a few stolen moments of sewing here and there. No great strides have been made but at least I am getting something done.

So that is the news from our neck of the woods!

Good News

For those of you keeping up with Miss P and her eyes. Great news. She does not need surgery for Prematurity of Retinopathy. It looks like the vessels in her retinas are beautiful. It also means that my twice monthly trips to the eye doctor are a thing of the past. Praise the Lord!


I’m asking for prayers for Miss P. We really need her to start gaining more weight on a day to day basis. I have tried supplementing her but she won’t have any of it at all. We just need her to really start making bigger strides. Also keep her eyes in your prayers. We have an appointment this Thursday and the hope is that her eyes are holding steady and that she can be released from her twice monthly visits to the eye doctor.Thanks for your continued thoughts and prayers.

Something New

So I decided to try something new this Wednesday. I love setting goals. It’s really quite addicting, however achieving goals has always been problematic for me. But, seeing those goals written down seems to give me a push towards achievement. In that vein, I thought it would be fun to link up with WIP Wednesday. I always love to see what other people are working on and the finished projects they have to share. And I figured I would give it a go.

So without further ado. My very first WIP Wednesday that I am linking up with Freshly Pieced.

I have had this fabric burning a hole in my brain for over a year.

drseuss by seersuckersnugglesandsoup

It is begging to be made into a quilt for Super S (my three year old) but I am having a hard time trying to decide on the design I want to execute. I know that at some point I just have to jump in and do it but instead I draw it up over and over again in my head and scouring Pinterest for ideas that I can incorporate into it.

I also have some place mats that I need to finish up they should give our dining table a lift.

On the non-quilt side
I have some sleep sacks to put together for Miss P.
Two super hero capes for the boys.
A podaegi-babycarrier
And some blankets that just need to be hemmed.

Luckily, I am planning some major craft time this weekend so I am hoping to knock a bunch of stuff off my list.

In other news, Miss P hit 7 lbs on Sunday. She is such a chunky little thing (her height is actually disproportionate to her weight) and this results in a chunky sweet little baby which brings such joy to my mommy heart. We have worked so hard for each one of those sweet little rolls.

IMG_0348_1 copy 2 by seersuckersnugglesandsoup

Happy Wednesday!


More From Miss P

Well it has been a bit of a rough week for Miss P. After her visit to the doctor on Tuesday where she received some vaccinations, she just hasn’t been herself. She hasn’t been sleeping and she wants me to hold her all the time. I can tell she is just off.

We are also still holing up in the house to protect her from germs so we could use your prayers that she stays healthy, continues to put on weight and that she bounces back to her normal sunny self.

And the boys are getting stir crazy as well. It kind of reminds me of Muppet Treasure Island

Have a great day everyone!