A lot is happening here in our neck of the woods. Spring has officially arrived and with it a ton of gardening activities I will write a separate post on that when I figure out my picture situation.

Miss P is plodding along. She is still gaining about a half an ounce a day and she really should be creeping towards an ounce a day. We have an appointment with her cardiologist coming up and I have a lot of trepidation about it. I want the best for Miss P but I hope she won’t need surgery to get the best. So prayers that the PDA repairs itself would be much appreciated.

Super S asked me again today if it is summer because it is so warm outside. He loves heading out to the garden to dig up worms and make worm nests out of his findings. I man gets the heebie jeebies whenever he seeings the wiggling bodies. He even stares up his sleeves to make sure no worms have made it up there when he wasn’t looking. It is pretty comical to see the stark contrast in behavior between the two.

I have been sneaking away for a few stolen moments of sewing here and there. No great strides have been made but at least I am getting something done.

So that is the news from our neck of the woods!


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