We Survived!

We had a great time. Some of the highlights of the trip were Penn Cave which is seriously the best cavern tour that I have ever experienced. Throwing rocks had to be on the top of the boy’s list along with playing in the dirt and seeing all the different animals. I think my favorite part was just having everybody together and enjoying each other’s company in a focused way. I can’t wait to pull out the camper and do it again!


Garden Tea

One of the really great things about the summer time is our garden. This year the kids have been really helpful planing and weeding even harvesting. It is important to me to give them these memories and so I am always trying to find ways to invite them into the garden so they take ownership of it.

This year, as in years past, we have been overrun with mint. It’s not a bad problem but I like to use it since we have it. When I was a little girl we used to make sun tea with mint leaves and it was always called meadow tea. Well my boys have renamed it garden tea because they love to go out to the mint patch and pull handfuls of mint to take inside and help me brew tea with their bounty. So I roll with it…garden tea.

The Bare Bones Recipe
About a cup of mint leaves (you can add more or less depending on your taste preference or how much your kids pick)
Six cups of water
Honey to taste (optional)

Heat the water until it is almost boiling, pour over mint leaves allow them to steep about four minutes strain mint leaves add honey to taste. Once the honey is dissolved and the tea has cooled slightly add ice and enjoy! Simple and delicious.

Variations that my boys have been devouring the past few weeks.
**Add two decaffeinated green tea bags to original recipe. It adds a subtle green tea flavor and some antioxidants which is a win-win.
**Slice fresh slices of citrus into iced tea for a zingy and refreshing twist.

Vacation Our Style

I feel like our family cannot do anything the easy way sometimes. Luckily I firmly believe that the process is just as much fun as the finished product. And vacation is no exception.

Last year we acquired a pop-up camper. The bones were there but it needed a little work to bring it up to par. We figured we were up to the task. So the past couple of weeks we have been working on it. And this weekend will be the first time we take it out. I still have a couple of things I want to do but it is livable.

Now you are probably thinking camping with two toddlers and a baby you have lost your mind. And right at this second I agree with you. This could be interesting. Earlier in the week I was confident that we could handle it but now right before we head out I’m questioning my confidence.

So far in preparation we have had two dozen eggs smashed on the floor, two separate instances spread across two days to boot, and just this morning we had an incident with urine and a cooler (bleach is my best friend right now). I plan to let you know how it goes and to hopefully share some wisdom but I am hesitant to do so before our safe return.

Your prayers are always welcome.