Shucking Corn

Is there a more quintessential summer activity? It is such a great sensory activity for toddlers too. From the rough outer husks to the tender inner layers to the soft silk. It is a lesson in textures all wrapped up in a neat package! And after it is all unwrapped you can eat it so it is an activity right up I-man’s alley!


Plus any time I can get the kids to do my chores and think it is a treat that is a win-win situation.


Pinterest DIY Sidewalk Chalk Paint


Do you Pinterest? I do. In fact, it was one of my favorite activities that kept me sane in the hospital when I was waiting for Miss P! It has literally transformed the way I do menu planning, plan activities for my children and generally glean inspiration. In fact, most of the time it is just inspiration. But every once in awhile I determine that I am going to try one of the many ideas I have pinned. This week was such a week for me. It came in the form of Sidewalk Chalk Paint.

The benefits of this amazing activity is that most likely these three ingredients are in your pantry and it takes seconds to mix together. Once it is made, you can fill squirt bottles, muffin tins or for something a little different squirt guns or squirt bottles so your toddlers can experiment with how they apply paint to the sidewalk canvas. Squirt guns were my kids favorite.


Ingredients: Cornstarch, water, food coloring.
Directions: Mix equal parts cornstarch and water add in a few drops of food coloring. Voila!! You can add water to the mixture to get the consistency you want.

It is a blast. My kids painted the trees, the hostas, the sidewalk, the ants and even the grass and I was ok with it because there isn’t really anything harmful in the paint so I let them roll with it.

And lucky for us it rained this afternoon, so we can do it all again tomorrow!!



I got to have an impromptu visit with my sister this week. Since she has started her third year of medical school, we just don’t get to see each other as much as I would like. Truthfully it would be hard to see her as much as I would like because I would love to live next door to her and share cooking duties and whatnot but that is another story for another day. Anyway, when I was visiting I picked up last month’s installment of the Martha Stewart Living magazine. And I was drawn in by some block printing she did and though, “I should do this with my kids” so Thursdays creative activity was born.

You can do it too. I thought it was fun and so did the toddlers.

Stampers- We used the bottoms of pots from plants that are now in our garden, leaves, sticks and a stray handprint as stampers.
Paint-paint I used was finger paint. Mostly because it washes off of hands and clothing and the deck easily.
A piece of paper for your stampers to make their mark-I used a three foot length of freezer paper.

The how is easy. Just squirt some paint onto a tray I used a scrap piece of freezer paper then dip the “stampers” into the paint then stamp them onto the freezer paper. Experiment with mixing colors and the different textures each stamper makes.

It’s a ton of fun and the results are really pretty.

block printing using found objects

Bald Eagle State Park

We stayed in the modern campground at Bald Eagle State Park in our Pop up camper. I was really impressed with the campground. The sites were so spacious and well kept. The bathrooms were clean and modern. We saw a lot of animal life in the park to the delight of my three year old. We went on a short walk/hike with the kids and it was really nice. The trail was well maintained. I was also impressed with the amount of programming that the park rangers did for guests.

Some things to keep in mind. It can be a bit of a hike to the bathroom if you are located at one of the campsites on the far end of the loop. Also a few of the sites on the inner loop are right next to the paths to get to the bathrooms. The campground is pretty spread out. You can walk to the lake but it is quite a bit of a hike to do so. Definitely wouldn’t recommend it with the small ones.

A lot of park activities are based around the lake so I would recommend bringing a boat or planning to rent one while you are there. There is a sand beach at the lake with a lovely playground for the kids and there are several trees that provide shade which is really nice for our family because we are all pretty fair skinned. Truthfully I’m not a huge fan of lake swimming so I probably have a bias here. Plus, I don’t have a lot to compare it to. It seemed pretty similar to the water quality at Lake Pinchot if that is helpful to anyone. I personally would prefer to boat in the water as opposed to swimming in it but there is no motor restriction on this lake so keep that in mind as well.

Other activities. It is close to Penn Cave and we took advantage of that opportunity which our kids really loved. It is the neatest cavern I have ever toured and I have seen quite a few. It is completely by boat and they have created a channel to the outside lake so part of the tour is outside on the lake. I would recommend checking it out. There is a wildlife excursion as well but we didn’t choose to do that because one activity is about the limit for our kids.

And thus concludes my first review of a campsite. I hope that as we visit more I can improve. If anyone reads this and has suggestions of things they would like to hear about please don’t hesitate to leave a comment. Also this is just my opinion based on my brief stay at the park. Please treat it as such.

I will leave you with some pictures from our stay.
One side of the camp site

The Other Side

Our walk to the Lodge

Back side of the camp site

The camper

Just Because I love this picture


I have a new obsession. And I realize that I am a little late in discovering this craze but it is so much fun. It’s instagram. There is something about taking crappy cell phone pics putting a vintage action over that is so completely addicting and fun. I feel like I am telling the story of my day in pictures every day (which is why only my family follows me because mostly my days are pretty boring). But that is ok. I love it.

And here is one of my favorites of the week. It was taken on a night when my husband was working late and the kids needed a boost so we put the pool on the deck, I made a simple dinner and we had a little pool party out on the deck.