Bald Eagle State Park

We stayed in the modern campground at Bald Eagle State Park in our Pop up camper. I was really impressed with the campground. The sites were so spacious and well kept. The bathrooms were clean and modern. We saw a lot of animal life in the park to the delight of my three year old. We went on a short walk/hike with the kids and it was really nice. The trail was well maintained. I was also impressed with the amount of programming that the park rangers did for guests.

Some things to keep in mind. It can be a bit of a hike to the bathroom if you are located at one of the campsites on the far end of the loop. Also a few of the sites on the inner loop are right next to the paths to get to the bathrooms. The campground is pretty spread out. You can walk to the lake but it is quite a bit of a hike to do so. Definitely wouldn’t recommend it with the small ones.

A lot of park activities are based around the lake so I would recommend bringing a boat or planning to rent one while you are there. There is a sand beach at the lake with a lovely playground for the kids and there are several trees that provide shade which is really nice for our family because we are all pretty fair skinned. Truthfully I’m not a huge fan of lake swimming so I probably have a bias here. Plus, I don’t have a lot to compare it to. It seemed pretty similar to the water quality at Lake Pinchot if that is helpful to anyone. I personally would prefer to boat in the water as opposed to swimming in it but there is no motor restriction on this lake so keep that in mind as well.

Other activities. It is close to Penn Cave and we took advantage of that opportunity which our kids really loved. It is the neatest cavern I have ever toured and I have seen quite a few. It is completely by boat and they have created a channel to the outside lake so part of the tour is outside on the lake. I would recommend checking it out. There is a wildlife excursion as well but we didn’t choose to do that because one activity is about the limit for our kids.

And thus concludes my first review of a campsite. I hope that as we visit more I can improve. If anyone reads this and has suggestions of things they would like to hear about please don’t hesitate to leave a comment. Also this is just my opinion based on my brief stay at the park. Please treat it as such.

I will leave you with some pictures from our stay.
One side of the camp site

The Other Side

Our walk to the Lodge

Back side of the camp site

The camper

Just Because I love this picture


3 thoughts on “Bald Eagle State Park

  1. I’m really glad I found your blog, I love reading about your micro-premie and all the crafty stuff you do. I had a micro-premie on October 21 (1 day after you delivered yours which I thought was pretty cool) but he was a 25 weeker and not quite big enough to make it. Your blog has been inspirational!

  2. Hello, I found your link through crafty sewing moms. I enjoyed your review of Bald Eagle. I live in Iowa now but grew up in PA and have family still there. We do a lot of camping and our favorite PA state park is Locust Lake. It is great for young families everything is in walking biking distance as long as you get a site on the bike trail and it has lots of shade. My biggest complaint about Bald Eagle was the lack of shaded campsites. Good for fall and spring camping but hot hot hot in the summer.

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