I got to have an impromptu visit with my sister this week. Since she has started her third year of medical school, we just don’t get to see each other as much as I would like. Truthfully it would be hard to see her as much as I would like because I would love to live next door to her and share cooking duties and whatnot but that is another story for another day. Anyway, when I was visiting I picked up last month’s installment of the Martha Stewart Living magazine. And I was drawn in by some block printing she did and though, “I should do this with my kids” so Thursdays creative activity was born.

You can do it too. I thought it was fun and so did the toddlers.

Stampers- We used the bottoms of pots from plants that are now in our garden, leaves, sticks and a stray handprint as stampers.
Paint-paint I used was finger paint. Mostly because it washes off of hands and clothing and the deck easily.
A piece of paper for your stampers to make their mark-I used a three foot length of freezer paper.

The how is easy. Just squirt some paint onto a tray I used a scrap piece of freezer paper then dip the “stampers” into the paint then stamp them onto the freezer paper. Experiment with mixing colors and the different textures each stamper makes.

It’s a ton of fun and the results are really pretty.

block printing using found objects


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