Pinterest DIY Sidewalk Chalk Paint


Do you Pinterest? I do. In fact, it was one of my favorite activities that kept me sane in the hospital when I was waiting for Miss P! It has literally transformed the way I do menu planning, plan activities for my children and generally glean inspiration. In fact, most of the time it is just inspiration. But every once in awhile I determine that I am going to try one of the many ideas I have pinned. This week was such a week for me. It came in the form of Sidewalk Chalk Paint.

The benefits of this amazing activity is that most likely these three ingredients are in your pantry and it takes seconds to mix together. Once it is made, you can fill squirt bottles, muffin tins or for something a little different squirt guns or squirt bottles so your toddlers can experiment with how they apply paint to the sidewalk canvas. Squirt guns were my kids favorite.


Ingredients: Cornstarch, water, food coloring.
Directions: Mix equal parts cornstarch and water add in a few drops of food coloring. Voila!! You can add water to the mixture to get the consistency you want.

It is a blast. My kids painted the trees, the hostas, the sidewalk, the ants and even the grass and I was ok with it because there isn’t really anything harmful in the paint so I let them roll with it.

And lucky for us it rained this afternoon, so we can do it all again tomorrow!!



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