Progress Report

Well our birthday week is over. Super S is four. He is getting so big and acting so mature. I am so proud of him. He is such a sweet little boy, so helpful and kind to his siblings, creative, a problem solver, and his sense of humor astounds me more each day. I love him so much.

In two weeks we are going to go camping to celebrate his birthday. He is so excited. It is adorable. I am working hard on some birthday suprises for him. Including of course the Dr. Seuss quilt. I have completed all the cutting last night and I am hoping to piece it tonight.

I leave you this evening with pictures of my big four year old. We had a little impromptu photo shoot and here is one of my favorites.



A Birthday

We have a birthday coming up in our family. And the almost-four-year-old (Super S) has requested a big boy blanket for the anniversary of his birth. And he asks me about this blanket every single day. Which is quite motivating. Maybe I should tell him about all my projects so he can nag me until I complete them!

So this is what I have accomplished so far. The rest of the fabric arrives today.


Still need to cut the blocks and of course complete the quilt but I have a couple more weeks until I need to have it finished. And it will be done. I hope.

Saturday Night

Ah the end of the week! Time to do some family bonding.

I thought it would be fun to do our day in pictures so here you go.

Our first stop was the Bass Pro Shop. It was the first time the boys have ever been there and the look of awe when Super S walked in was worth the drive. He stopped, looked up and his draw dropped. It was priceless. Here are the boys in front of the big fish tank.


Then we came home, took naps, did some cleaning you know the normal Saturday afternoon stuff. And in the evening we spent some time in the backyard just hanging out.

Excuse the motion blur but it gives you a good idea of what the boys like to do in the back yard.

And of course a fire

I leave you with a final picture of Miss P and I just hanging out.

Happy Saturday!

Down to Two

Tonight Super S is at a baseball game. Go Orioles (truthfully I don’t follow baseball at all). He is very excited about the game. It is all he talked about all day. Well, it was all he talked about until noon when grandma picked him up. Which means, I got a day with just two. And it was heaven. Especially since they both napped. And I-man loves one on one time. I mean LOVES it. He is chattering to me non stop. Currently he is smelling things around the house and saying stinky stiiinky. And he is also trying to sword fight using utensils with his sister which I had to stop pretty quickly.It is so funny how his personality changes when he is the top dog.

And that is pretty much my day. Exciting right?

Summer Nights

Look at me two posts in as many days. I’m on a roll!! I *might* even try to link up for WIP Wednesday tomorrow. That would be a real accomplishment!

Tonight we took advantage of the beautiful weather and headed out to our favorite park. It sounds like such a simple activity but it is amazing how much variety that adds to a day. The kids splashed in the stream, took a walk on the fitness path, and we all enjoyed each other’s company.

Sometimes it’s the simple family activities that turn out to be the most meaningful. And now we are headed for an early bedtime!

Getting Back Into the Swing of Things!

I’ve gotten distracted. We had a nasty fever come through the ranks then the Olympics started and completely sucked me into their drama.

It’s August so that means canning and preserving are in full force too, which can be long and tedious but I play a game of imagining the variety that it will bring to our diets in the winter when things get tedious and everything starts to taste the same.

We have a Super S birthday coming up as well and a big camping trip planned to celebrate his transition into being 4 I can hardly even believe it! I have overly ambitious plans of sewing birthday gifts for him so we will see how my evenings shake out and how much I can accomplish between now and then.

Other than that we are living the simple life. Lots of swinging, a kiddie pool behind the house, tending to the garden and all of those activities we will miss as it starts to get colder.

That’s our life in a nutshell at the moment.

Over the weekend I got a treat and my sister visited which is always a huge treat for me. She even played personal chef for me and made the most delicious Vegetable Stew. Seriously epic and so healthy too.