Getting Back Into the Swing of Things!

I’ve gotten distracted. We had a nasty fever come through the ranks then the Olympics started and completely sucked me into their drama.

It’s August so that means canning and preserving are in full force too, which can be long and tedious but I play a game of imagining the variety that it will bring to our diets in the winter when things get tedious and everything starts to taste the same.

We have a Super S birthday coming up as well and a big camping trip planned to celebrate his transition into being 4 I can hardly even believe it! I have overly ambitious plans of sewing birthday gifts for him so we will see how my evenings shake out and how much I can accomplish between now and then.

Other than that we are living the simple life. Lots of swinging, a kiddie pool behind the house, tending to the garden and all of those activities we will miss as it starts to get colder.

That’s our life in a nutshell at the moment.

Over the weekend I got a treat and my sister visited which is always a huge treat for me. She even played personal chef for me and made the most delicious Vegetable Stew. Seriously epic and so healthy too.


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