Wisdom of Super S

So first of all, I have been horrid at keeping up with the blog this month. My computer is on the fritz and the three kids have kept me hopping. It is no excuse though. I will be better.

Since Super S’s birthday I have been thinking of all the crazy things that have come out of his mouth recently. Among my obvious favorites are, “Mommy, you are as beautiful as a Disney princess.” and “I love our family. We have the best family.” Another favorite came when I was saying something along the lines of being my baby and he said in all earnestness “Mommy will you share your baby with me? I love her so much.”

Sam is also really funny when it comes to the passage of time. After we read the Hungry Hungry Caterpillar, a favorite of course, every passage of time became two weeks. For example. “Mommy don’t tell me no I’ll cry for two weeks.” And when we were running late for church one Sunday morning he assured us, “We still have time it is o’clock.”

But my favorite quote came when we were learning the difference between boys and girls. It happened early one morning when I was changing the baby and Sam asked what “that” was. And in that moment I didn’t have the time to think if I wanted to give it a cute name or just roll with the anatomical name. So I just went with the anatomical name and that was that. Thankfully, I don’t regret the decision made in haste. But a few weeks later Sam was listening to a conversation between my husband and I over a tv show and Samuel blurted out, “No mom, girls don’t have feelings they have vaginas.” I’ll admit it I lost it. I still laugh in my head when I think about it.

I know I am forgetting quite a few. My sister who seriously has the best memory will have to remind me of them so I can add them. But that is all for now.

I leave you with a pic of I-man because I like it 🙂


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