Update on Miss P

Well the truth is she is a tiny thing. She just is. She eats all day long and she is still tiny.

Her newest accomplishments include pulling up on things and she is just starting to try to cruise if she is feeling particularly brave.

She is also becoming a lot more independent, while she still enjoys her snuggle time, she needs her moments of independent play time too. She loves her doll and her Tater Tot blanket the most but her brothers cars and trucks will do in a pinch as well.

She has two teeth but she eats practically everything, from meat to vegetables nothing is safe. And she is highly offended if offered purees. She has also learned how to use a sippy straw so that has been a fun new experience for her as well.

She says mama, dada, hi, lots of babbling and screaming and a word that I cannot figure out yet.

But the cutest thing that she does is her own wave. She does a kind of salute wave that is beyond adorable. I don’t know why but she breaks into the biggest smile and waves and it is beyond adorable.

That is the world of Miss P right now. Ever onward and upward. We are so blessed and thankful for this gift we have been given.



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