Post 100!

Wow it is my 100th post! How exciting! And how fitting it is that I am coming on to write about none other than the indomitable Miss P.

Today I had quite a scare. Miss P was finishing breakfast in her highchair and I was doing the mommy meal dance. You all know the one. It involves blowing on food that is too hot, getting up to refill drinks and thousand times, and then of course fetching any number of random requests your toddlers make while trying to shovel a few bites of food into your mouth before the kids are done and running around the kitchen. Just me?

Ooops I got a bit off topic there for a moment. Anyway I looked up from my frantic dance and Piper was sitting on top of the table. She had stood up in her highchair that was pushed up to the table, and some how crawled to the top of the table and was sitting there calm and smiling. She is such a goof!!!

When she caught my eye she started babbling, with not a care in the world. What a blessed mommy I am!


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