Toddlers and Crafts

I have mixed feelings on the topics of toddlers and crafts. It is awesome for them to be able to explore, create and gain confidence. On the other hand there are times that just the day in day out of mothering seems so overwhelming that even adding one more thing feels like it could push me over the edge. Sometimes I push through and when I do I’m always happy that we spent the time to create.

So I share our latest project. It is by far the messiest project to date. It included, glass, glue, glitter and paint. But I have to say they did a great job despite my disorganization. I am quite proud of them.

I won’t bore you with a tutorial. But it was fun to use different sizes of glitter for different ornaments. The kids really enjoyed the different effects it created. They also enjoyed mixing the different glitters and it worked out.

Only one casualty from our resident super sneak I man who just got one without my knowledge and smashed it all over the floor of his bedroom. Yay glitter bomb!

These are gifts so I don’t want to ruin the surprise but I will give a preview.


Happy holiday crafting everyone!!


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