A New Year

It is 2013. Hard to believe it. Last year was actually the most peaceful of my married life. What a wonderful gift to have everyone here at home learning and growing. For a moment I had some trepidation about the new year just because the old one was so lovely. But that melted away quickly because I know that the best is yet to come. And there is always something so enticing about the next bend in the road isn’t there?

Today I started pre-kindergarten with Super S (four year old). He is such a sponge of learning I figured we would make school time official everyday instead of the haphazard learning he has been doing so far. He loves it. And he is doing a wonderful job so far. I man sneaks in for some lessons too so it is fun to see them learning together.

It is a fun challenge for me. I’m slowly becoming more organized and setting more learning goals. It is fun because I feel like there isn’t any pressure and we can kind of learn as the wind blows us. Too soon state standards will be breathing down our necks and curriculum will need attention. This unpressed learning is fun!

On a crafty front. I have gotten sucked into the scrappy trip along. Instagram makes for crafty addictions sometimes. Here is a link if you would be interested in more information. The great thing about this quilt is that it is great practice for a novice quilter like myself and it is busting my scrap pile. Win win.

Here is my first block. I’m quite pleased with how much I am learning with this quilt. The boys were quite trying today so this is all I have accomplished so far. But I do have all of the strips cut out.


Happy New Year!


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