Quilting on Stolen Time

Maybe someone can relate to this but recently I feel like I am sewing on stolen time. There is something about motherhood that seems to suck up time to the point that I could live two days and still not get everything I want to accomplished with them. You have basic needs and then you have all those secondary needs that are as important as the basic ones. Then trying to stay creative and inspiring them to listen to the Lord. Exhausting!!! So the moments I do steal away kind of feel forbidden but oh so luxurious at the same time.

I’m still working on the Scrappy Trip Along. Looking at other people’s work I am in awe but this quilt has already taught me so much. I’m in the final stretch so it is a matter of just pushing through to the end (while meeting little people’s needs of course).

I’m working my way through the last few blocks. In the back of mind mind I’m also contemplating how to quilt this bad boy too. Some type of grid seems the most obvious choice in my head but then I’m thinking that I might want a little more texture. I’m torn. Oh so torn.

So here is one of my favorite blocks of late just to give this post a bit of visual interest blog

As of three p.m. three more blocks and then my blocks are finished and I can sew my top together!

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3 thoughts on “Quilting on Stolen Time

  1. M, I have sewn for 29 years (tomorrow, in fact, since it is N’s birthday) on borrowed or stolen time and once told someone that the reason I liked sewing so much was that, as a mom, it was the only thing in my life that actually “stayed finished.”

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