My Ultimate Superbowl

I have been a fan of football for as long as I can remember. I blame my father. Every Saturday afternoon we would flip on our TV in the living room and we would cheer for whatever Big 10 team was playing back when it was still the Big 10. It was those moments that started my life long fandom.

These days I catch far fewer college games but we catch as many NFL games as we can. At the beginning of the season my dad asked me who I wanted to see in the Superbowl. And I said that my ultimate Superbowl would be Baltimore and San Francisco. And last night it happened. And it was a great game. And I’m very pleased with the outcome of course.

Miss P even got in on the action.

And I have to admit, I absolutely loved seeing her in that sweatshirt because all three of my kids have worn it to cheer on the Ravens. It is one of those strange moments when everything comes full circle and you have a sentimental mom moment when you remember your oldest, then your middle and you are sitting there staring at your youngest thinking how did this happen. Can any moms relate?

But now football is over. Which means Sunday afternoons are open for a new adventure. Sewing maybe? Only time will tell šŸ™‚


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