KCW Day Two

I have a sweet little dress that fits P quite nicely. I love the drape, and the fit and she loves to wear it too. I’ve been wanting to try to draft a pattern so that I can make a couple more for the summer. The way that P goes through clothing right now is amazing. I think it is that toddler age where they are testing all those boundaries of independence for the very first time and somehow that requires lots of dirt from head to toe. I love watching her learn and grow so much but I digress. I just love this dress on her.

Enter the pattern drafting process. I have to use a muslin. It is a step I don’t see a lot of in the blog world. But I just like a practice run when I’m drawing a new pattern. I always end up tweaking my muslin to achieve the look I’m going for. And muslin is cheap so I don’t feel like I’m wasting a ton of $$. I’m especially glad I chose to make a muslin with this project because It is going to use a good bit of fabric for a small girl. And as we all know beautiful fabric isn’t cheap. So I tend to draw up my pattern and then sew it up in a muslin.

When I do a muslin it isn’t pretty. My goal isn’t clipped threads, finished edges and gorgeous top stitching. It is just getting practice constructing the final garment and making sure my measurements are right. I also like to experiment a bit. On this dress I tried two different sleeves to see which one I liked better. And in the final garment I added a bit of room to the bottom of the front bodice so that I could add the skirt more easily. Now there are some muslins that I have seen that are perfection, but that just isn’t how my creative juices flow. It is my place to try things and play and make mistakes without having to use the seam ripper for every little imperfection.

In truth I had planned to do a muslin and then a finished dress all today. But time has run away from me and I have run out of sewing time. Day two is in the books.


2 thoughts on “KCW Day Two

  1. I have to say, I normally like simpler and less girly elements to a top, but that flutter sleeve is adorable. If you HAD finished that off nicely, I could see making a little girl wear it. It’s very pretty.

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