KCW the Overview

Well. In the middle of KCW I found out that we were taking a family camping trip over the weekend. Which halted my clothes crafting intentions and threw me into trying to get ready for the first camping trip of the year. But I have a couple of things I finished the day before we left that I wanted to share as one last hurrah! 

First up is the really simple knit shirt that I made my daughter in under 30 minutes. It isn’t hemmed. There is just a bit of bias tape around the neckline. I think it will make sweet jammies for the summer time. 


Then the night before I had made a bubble skirt in the middle of the night. I have insomnia and sometimes I just have to get up and sew. Tonight the result was a bubble skirt. I love the sweetness. bubble skirt

And I love that my baby girl is walking!!!


So thus concludes KCW for me. I wanted to get so much more done. The muslin, remains a muslin. I didn’t get to my tiered peasant dress. And the t-shirts for the boys remain a remnant from the remnant bin. But I had a lot of fun sewing along with everyone it was very inspiring. What a great week. I cannot wait for the summer edition!!


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