A Week In Review

Well it has been quite the week. I came home to a power outage last night so I had to shut down the comments this morning when my power came back on. I have an email out to our winner but I will wait to hear back and announce it tomorrow or Monday. So check your emails!

This is what the ceiling in my dining room looks like right now

We are experiencing unexpected repairs (thank God for my husband and my father in law and brother in law). They are replacing the plumbing that had corroded through the pipe of the upstairs bathroom and was leaking water into our dining room. But being that our house is older there are always unexpected issues that arise. At least it is a rainy Saturday perfect for a home repair project.

Then on a craftier note. I decided to cast on to a project from Ravelry. I have really just started knitting again after a long hiatus. It is the Little Sister Dress http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/little-sisters-dress-kjole-til-lillesster. It is a very easy pattern. That I keep screwing up and ripping and then reknitting. I am very stubborn though and I will prevail!

I’m also working up something with these little beauties.


In the button tin. Which was passed down from my mommy

Plus unfinished quilt tops, my version of a sweet little tank dress, and shorts for my skinny boys all in the works.

I hope the sun shines down on you this Saturday and that you have a great day!


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