That is how I’m feeling right now. Just a loud scream echoing through my head. It has been one of those weeks where the goal is survival. Plaster dust is not my friend. And everyone is a little bit off of their game. Probably because it is so hard to keep us all in routine with all the chaos. I have a three year old asserting his independence, a baby teething and a four year old who loves to argue. 

But in the middle of it all I am struck by the fact that all of this is so temporary. And in the midst of that feeling that everything is spinning out of control sometimes I just have to take a minute and remember that I’m not in control any way. So I am choosing to be grateful. For great kids, a great family, a house to fix. A baby who has teeth to bother her as they come in. Not so long ago I wasn’t sure I would ever have those things. But in all honesty there have been too many moments of frustration and not enough moments of gratitude. 

In the crafty world. I frogged The Little Sister Dress. In order to make it small enough to fit P. It would take new yarn and I really want to use what I have. I was already using the smallest circs I own so it just isn’t going to work. It makes me sad but it is true. I was really in the groove of the pattern too but it was growing and growing and I was thinking this would fit my three year old so finally I stopped the madness. I guess I’ll have to troll Ravelry for another project. I’m open to suggestions. I want a little dress or top for size 12 months. I have DK weight yarn 8 stranded in mercerized cotton. 

Other than that my sewing has been abandoned. I’ve been too tired at the end of the day. 

I leave you with a sleeping babies picture. These are those peaceful moments I want to hold on to in the craziness.




4 thoughts on “AAAAHHHH

  1. Ouch. I’d say I can feel your pain, but I haven’t been through all those things at once. I hope that writing out your frustrations has been cathartic! It’s good to remember these things are temporary, but that doesn’t always make the ‘here and now’ easier. Just enjoy those peacefully sleeping babes. Man they are nice when they are asleep. I look at mine and feel I could have another seven kids when she’s asleep. Then she wakes up and is a handful again. Gotta love it though 🙂

  2. Attitude is contagious…make yours worth catching. Those wise words are not mine but i refer back to them often for myself. I may not be able to change the situation, but I can change my attitude toward it… Sounds like you already know that tho… 🙂

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