Getting Started


I have purposely dragged my feet over the past few weeks. Why you ask? I have been putting some serious thought into how I want my homeschool day to look.

True confession. I hate routine. I have literally spent most of my life bucking routine. But my children (well at least two of them) thrive on routine and it makes such a difference in their world to have one.

My husband and I decided to push our official kindergarten start date back to the middle of September so that I would slowly start establishing a routine for the kids in the meantime. It started with adding some structure. I started to intentionally set a rhythm for our day.

Next we added in Super S’s first workbook a phonics workbook. Then Super S and I started to learn finger knitting. I am going to do a post on that because it is really fun. Now I am adding daily craft projects and trying to make them accessible to all three kiddos. We are also adding circle time and it has been such a hit.

Right now circle time looks like this for us. First we use’s calendar to review the month, year and day of the week. We sing the days of the week song. We point out special days in the month. Then I read a book to them. And ask them general comprehension questions. Finally we do a quick review of the phonics sounds we have been working on. I would like to add a weather component here in the near future. But that is what circle time looks like now.

I think circle time should be a time when everyone can participate and a time when we review key concepts and set the tone for the day and as we evolve I hope we can make it a really useful productive time that sets the tone for our day. I am always interested to hear how other people use circle time in their home school day. I feel like we have a long way to go.


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