The Burden of the Theoretical

I feel overwhelmed. I wake up feeling like there is so much on my plate that there is no way it will ever be clear and I go to bed wishing I would have accomplished more. Spinning plans of grand accomplishments clinging desperately to the hope that tomorrow will be better only to pry my eyes open at some ugly pre dawn hour and wonder how in the world I am going to make it through the day much less conquer it.

There was an ugly tail spin happening this week. Feeling guilty about not writing, how messy the house was, how much wasn’t getting done etc, etc, etc. But I literally had to snap myself out of it with nothing short of a self pep talk. I’m telling you it was like something from a bad made for tv movie (side note I secretly love those every once in awhile especially around Christmas….pass the cheese pour some cheese on top of it and then serve me a side of cheese with that) ok I’m back. It literally went something like this.

Mali. There is only one way to get out of this funk. You gotta get stuff done. So stop tail spinning, stop wallowing, stop pinteresting, stop planning and start doing. Get some stuff finished already. No excuses just a little bit at a time. And for once I followed my own advice and wouldn’t you know things are feeling much less overwhelming. I don’t have much less to do but I do feel less overwhelmed. Almost as if even having a couple of small things off my checklist makes everything else on it seem possible.

I decided I would start really simply with an old fly lady trick. My goal is simple, clean the sink before I go to bed. It is amazing how something so easy is so rewarding. Not only is it rewarding at bed time but it is also incredibly inspiring to be able to wake up to a completely clean sink. Ok so that is seriously the smallest tidbit, I know it is simple but it is one way I feel like stuff is getting accomplished. I have also started three Halloween costumes, finished a smitten mitten for my epic smitten mitten garland and written this blog post. Small things but stuff is getting done. I’ve moved out of the theoretical and into the realm of actuality.

So for the planners, the obsessers, the crafty mamas who feel the crush of the Holidays upon them. I feel your pain. I am right there with you and I hope you can simply get some stuff done!


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