Happy New Year

The whole New Year celebration is always kind of neutral for me. Am I alone? It seems to be one of those holidays that celebrates with noise, and drinking and in the end it all kind of feels hollow to me. It always has. 

However, being an introspective person, there is one part of New Year that I like and that is that collectively the world stops and at least for a moment evaluates their lives. For some people it is a very quick moment, and a half-hearted loosing weight resolution is dispatched and then they move on, but it is a shared moment none the less.

It is always a bit bittersweet for me, maybe more so this year than ever before. This year I found myself looking at my life and it feels so full right now. Little feet running through the house, needing drinks, meals, their clothing picked out, bed time kisses, books read to them, hugs, snuggles and love and almost everything. But I look at my oldest, and those days are numbered for him. He is making that transition from little kid to just plain kid so quickly and my other two are so close behind him and there is part of my that is a little sad just because it is on its way to being over. 

But then there is another perspective that I have because I have two little girls who will forever be babies (at least on this earth). Time will never pass quickly for them because time has left them behind. And what I do have are three incredible little people who God has loaned me for just a brief moment because in the end they are and always have been His, I am just blessed to be able to hold them for a little while. 

And beyond that I am too quick to be completely focused on what is happening here on earth. The truth is, eternity waits. An eternity that doesn’t have goodbyes, or the sadness of passing moments but instead wholeness and joy and the fulfillment of doing what we were created to do. 

So if I could wish anything for the next year it would be that we would hear His voice, that we would be quick to obey His leading, and that we would keep eternity always in our vision. 

And I leave you with 2013 in a little over 2 minutes. God has given me so much and the best is yet to come!


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