A New Endeavor


Last month I was introduced to Jamberry Nails. Nail art is such a fun trend right now and most of the time I’m so far removed from cool I don’t even try but there is something about looking down at my hands and seeing cool nails that makes me happy. But like most of you I’m a busy mom and going to get a manicure or pedicure is just not an option. So the claim that they would last a couple of weeks without chipping and that they were non toxic, vegan, gluten free and made in the USA drew me in. So I browsed at an online party and got some.

I was almost convinced that I would totally massacre the first time I tried to apply it. I mean between the constant interruptions from kids and my propensity to mess up delicate crafty things I wasn’t hopeful. But I applied them easily with just my hairdryer and simple tools that were already in my possession. I was even interrupted five times and it wasn’t a big deal because there is no drying time so you can do a few at a time. And I wore that first application for two weeks. They were beautiful. And I was hooked.

Here is a video that Super S and I made to show just how easy application is http://flipagram.com/f/4gyygzJ88r


So on a whim I signed up to sell them and it has been amazing. It has given my family the opportunity to do things that just weren’t in our budget before. But even better than the money Jamberry nail wraps are amazing. I call them an affordable luxury. I love that I get to introduce them to people. And every time I look down I smile because my nails look great!

Want to learn more?
Email me to request a sample at malisjams@gmail.com or go browse the great selection at http://mali.jamberrynails.net.

Want to host a party? Even if you don’t live anywhere near me online parties are a blast.

Want to join my team?



Hope to talk to you soon!


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