Why another blog?

I started blogging during a very uncertain time in my life. I had just been put on hospital bed rest at 24 weeks of pregnancy, which is right at viability. It was a time in my life that I wanted to record and because I was on bedrest I needed something to keep me occupied. So the predecessor to this blog was born, Musings From Bedlam. What I found is that I really enjoy blogging. I love having a place to share my life with other people.

The idea has grown from there and I have decided to keep blogging. So with the encouragement of my family and web support of my awesome brother in law this new blog was born.

I am not your typical blogger. I don’t have this whole parenting, crafting, life thing figured out and my goal isn’t to give some shiny slick glossy representation of my day to day experiences. There will be ups and there will be downs and there will be a lot of middle parts. This is a blog about learning, experimenting, and the imperfections of life.

So come on in and stay awhile!


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